Flavors & Fragrances

Local spirits and liqueurs: Try local raki with or without (anise course) in the taverns of the village with accompaniment appetizer or buy it from the shops on the pedestrian and liqueur flavored.

Aromatic Herbs: will not find a larger selection of herbs "by Pasang disease" as well as aromatics and spices sold in abundance from local shops.

Dairy products: Here you can try local cheese (in the tavern "A and B" Ms. Vasso of making the same), galotyri and cheese. Jams: The jams and marmalades are prepared here by local cooperatives and sold in abundance: quince, Chestnut, Cherry .

Pasta: Noodles, Noodles and Trachanas (sour and sweet) are some of them made with the finest materials from traditional cottage industries in the region and can be purchased from different shops on the main pedestrian street.

Honey, apples and chestnuts: In Makrinitsa but in Pelion thrive chestnuts and olives. Also in Zagora is the Agricultural Cooperative of Zagora with known Zagorin apples have a protected designation of origin to conquer international markets and are one of the most important economic units of Magnesia.